Aspects of High Performing Agile Teams

Companies that have already invested in Architecture Modernization, DevOps, and methodologies like Agile over the past 10 years have found it much easier to weather the seismic shift from on-premise delivery vs. remote delivery, brought on suddenly by COVID-19. But methodologies like Agile almost make that reality counterintuitive; Agile is a way of working that promotes colocation. But there are many other attributes of Agile that actually supported teams when in-person collaboration was disrupted. How has Agile helped high-performing teams maintain their effectiveness and efficiency in a remote setting? Dennis Bowne and Paul Given, CapTech Agile leaders, discuss in this podcast.

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Transparency, responsibility, a cadence of delivery with sprints, and more – these are all things that promote good project development teams and effectiveness. If you invest in good methodologies and architectures, and do them well, they paid unexpected dividends.


There is a proven pattern that teams that finish early, accelerate faster. So, when adjusting to any kind of change, which is a constant in this COVID-19 remote work environment, don’t be afraid to slow down the pace. If you update expectations to ensure they’re still achievable, chances are your team will still show they’re able to deliver more, faster.

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Dennis Bowne


Dennis is a thought leader in our Agile practice. He founded the User Experience service and built our Agile Transformation practice, providing guidance on Scrum, Kanban, and Scaled Agile practices to multiple organizations.

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Paul Given

Paul Given


Paul is an agile expert with over 20 years of business and tech experience merging information technology with product management, marketing, and operations to get results.