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CapTech on Campus

Many talented professionals differentiate their skillsets early in their careers—some even before they graduate. To ensure these early bloomers find the right fit for their talents, CapTech seeks top achievers on campuses across the country.

Blogs | May 06, 2022

Golf Program

Our golf program emphasizes the value of technology and purposeful opportunities to support local communities.

About | July 19, 2021


Uniting diverse skills and perspectives to discuss how emerging technology, design and project methodology advances what’s possible.

Expertise | April 16, 2020

Taking Ownership Over Your Consumer Data with mePrism

Your data is the most powerful data set that exists on the planet today. Should you have control over and own your own data? In this episode, Vinnie Schoenfelder welcomes mePrism CEO Tom Daly and CapTech co-CEO Steve Holdych to discuss data privacy and its value to both the consumer and companies. Topics covered include:• Understanding how your data is being used and how the magic of the magic of technology can be distracting. • Why compliance and full transparency with consumer data is critical to brand affinity.• How the mass scale of sharing data influences purchasing behaviors.For more information on mePrism:

Expertise | July 23, 2021

Bringing Cultural Sites to Life with ARtGlass

Featuring ARtGlass CEO Greg Werkheiser, this CapTech Trends episode discusses how ARtglass, a Richmond, VA based company, is bringing cultural sites like Pompeii, George Washington's Mount Vernon, and Madame Tussaud's to life through an immersive Augmented Reality wearable. Introducing this technology into museums and historical sites not only leaves people entertained, but also provides an emotional and intellectual experience. Learn more about ARtglass:

Expertise | July 23, 2021

Keep Your Data Lake from Becoming a Data Swamp

In this episode, we bring Calli Rogers, director in our data and analytics practice, back by popular demand. Listen in as we dig deeper into metadata-driven ingestion.

Expertise | April 18, 2022

Optimized Recruiting at Fortune 500 Car Retailer

Like many companies, a Fortune 500 car retailer relies heavily on timely talent acquisition. The timeliness aspect is critical: in a given year, the company sells over a million cars nationwide, and to support its full operations, it sifts through over a quarter million applications to hire more than 10,000 associates annually. The car retailer also recruits seasonally to meet peak demand during the tax and holiday seasons.

Client Stories | May 12, 2022

SME Program Enables Professionals to Embrace Their Passion

We want everyone at CapTech to realize a lasting and rewarding career, so we offer a variety of career paths. Each path rewards individuals based on their skills and passions. Professional evolution looks and feels different for everyone, so we provide an alternate avenue through subject expertise. The Subject Matter Expert (SME) Program supports the growth of technical and professional expertise.

Blogs | May 05, 2022

Embracing Opportunities for Career Change

Making a career change to better suit your skills and desires is always a challenge. But CapTecher Tina Schurr made the leap from consultant to technical lead with coaching and support from her CapTech mentor.

Blogs | May 06, 2022

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